The Poseidon Adventure

Poseidon Poster ALL LOGO CROPPED

Work-in-progress Showing

Tuesday 19th November at 4.00pm

Waterside Pavilion

Mawsons Place, Hobart

Poseidon, king of the oceans, has awoken from a two-hundred year slumber and has missed the industrial revolution! He finds himself in a marvellous new world teeming with tantalizing plastic! But is plastic all that it appears to be? Why has Amphitrite, queen of the oceans, never left her palace all this time? And who is making all this plastic that is choking the oceans and killing the creatures? The Poseidon Adventure is a play exploring the dilemma we face together and the mighty task of cleaning up our oceans.

Please RSVP by 5pm Friday 15 November to

The Poseidon Adventure was seeded at the 2018 Tasmania Performs Artist Residency