Nicolas Bourriaud

Bob and Roberta Smith
Off Voice Fly Tip 2009
Courtesy the artist and Hales Gallery
Photo: Tate Photography

“The main function of the instruments of communication of capitalism is to repeat a message, which is: we live in a finite, immovable and definitive political framework, only the decor must change at high speed. Art questions this message, and reverses it. It is an idea that was actually the core of Relational Aesthetics already, the Marxist idea that there is no stable “essence” of humankind, which is nothing but the transitory result of what human beings do at a certain moment of history. I think this might be the cornerstone of all my writings, in a way.”

Nicolas Bourriaud, from Art in America, ‘Altermodern: A Conversation with Nicolas Bourriaud’, by Bartholomew Ryan, 17/03/09